An Inspiration Accumulation

I am back from my adventure! It was an amazing trip to Thailand, and I am so thrilled we went!

I wouldn’t call the trip a vacation. I usually don’t consider anything that gives me mild heatstroke a vacation, but it was fantastic. And the best part was seeing the world from such a new perspective.

And I don’t just mean being immersed in a non-western culture. I mean all of it. Watching the squid fishermen off the shores at night.


Sorry. It’s a little difficult to see.

They use green lights off their bows to lure in the squid. And the sight is strange and magnificent and reminds me of a certain siren hiding behind a veil of green mist. And seeing that light far off in the distance and wondering what it would be like to sit far out on that boat with the green of your lanterns blocking out the stars, it made me want to write. Not just, “Well, I love to write, so I’m going to make myself sit down and do it so I can keep the momentum going.” It made me want to write. I was actually itching for my keyboard.

In this very hammock —


— I plotted out three new books, including the full final book in The Tethering Series, the second book in a series that I’m currently submitting, and a third book that I desperately want to write about a girl named after a magical Margaret.

I’m still in transit, getting south to start rehearsals for the next show, but I am so excited to get back to writing again. I have big goals for this year, and many pages of inspiration from a beautiful land to help me get there.

So here’s to a productive and successful new year and to Thailand.


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3 thoughts on “An Inspiration Accumulation

  1. Good luck with it – it sounds like you’re going to be busy.

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