The Writer Confesses

I have a confession. Writing is hard. I don’t mean the actual coming up with a story and putting down words. That part is super fun. Time consuming, but fun. Editing makes me want to poke my eyes out. Marketing makes my ears bleed. But still I love it.

The really hard part is finding time to get out the right number of words a day to make me feel accomplished. I want to push myself, to keep creating new stories. I want to continue to submit my manuscripts that still don’t have a home. I need to edit and polish the manuscripts that are still getting prepped for submission. And then I need to maintain social media presence and not completely ignore my books that have already been released.

Please don’t think I’m complaining. The fact that I have books scheduled to be released is amazing! I am lucky beyond all measure.

But the truth is it’s hard. It feels like a self-created mountain of work that I will never conquer.

Right now I’m in tech for a show where I have to say a whole lot of words. Again, a thing I am super grateful for. But trying to write words and learn words at the same time is making my mind explode. I try to write at least 2,000 words a day. Or if I’m in hardcore edits at least 1,000. I’m not editing anything. I’m just living life and barely writing 1,300 words.

I fail.

But do I? I mean, I am writing every day. I have projects scheduled to be released this year. I’m working on building my author brand. And I actually managed to write a blog for today.

So, I will go to my computer tonight and squeeze out 1,300 words of the last book in The Tethering Series. And for now that will be good enough.

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