Time for the End

I am nearly finished writing the fourth and final book in The Tethering series. It’s really, truly almost over.

Since this is my author blog, I’m going to pretend that I’m cool with this and that everything is fine. (For the real freak out, please click here.)

I’m not generally a huge fan of endings. The Eragon ending made me furious. I did love Harry Potter’s ending, and Hunger Games ended as well as it could have. I refuse to read the Divergent series since someone told me what was coming.

If I had to choose one ending to a book series that was my absolute favorite, I would say Chronicles of Narnia. But that kind of perfect could only be found under Aslan’s reign.

Even in TV shows, endings have a habit of driving me crazy. Dexter made me scream at the television, and don’t even get me started on How I Met Your Mother. Honestly, my favorite TV finale is Burn Notice. Everyone we had come to love in that bizarre series, where blowing things up was on par with getting a cup of coffee, had their moment. A farewell to the fans and to each other as their journey came to a close.

But I suppose telling you all that is just procrastination.

I know that no matter what ending The Tethering series has, not everyone will be pleased. I have to stay true to the story and write what has to be written. Not everyone will make it to the final pages, but we’ve known that for a while. But for those left standing when the last pages come, I want to leave them as best I can. Maybe not happy, maybe not whole. But in a way that honors their story as well as possible at the end of the dark path.

I know they’re only people on a page, that I could force them to do whatever I like. Could kill all of them on the last page to create an ending so definite the lights would never come back up on any of them.

But I’ve written about them for five years, and the last thing I want to do is betray them now.

Each must have their moment, even if it’s painful and their last. And when it’s over my best hope is that no one will say I dishonored their fight or betrayed who they were.

It’s not easy, but it is time for the end.

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