Fade to Black?

I’ve been thinking a lot about endings lately. Maybe it’s because I have to start revisions on the last book of The Tethering series, no matter how many ways I find to procrastinate. (P.S. The new WiP is up to 22,000 words.) Or maybe it’s because I just read a book with an ending I didn’t like.

But I would like all of your opinions. Do you prefer an ending that goes out with a bang, a moment of shining glory or hideous defeat that finishes everything in an instant? Or do you prefer that all the loose ends be tied up? All the last goodbyes said, before we let the scene fade to black, leaving our characters to live in what’s left of their world?

I feel like most books let them fade to black. Further up and further in for Narnia, a last trip to platform 9 and ¾ for Harry Potter. Even Katniss Everdeen gets a slow fade away.

But what if Harry Potter had ended as Voldemort crumbled? Would you have liked it better?

Maze Runner is one for me that ended on a precipice. They were ready to fall over the cliff, but we left them teetering on the top, secrets still hidden. And it made me mad. How could they leave them like that? How?!

So what do you want? A bang that leaves you wanting more, or a sunset to let you set the story aside in peace?

I think we all know which I prefer, but am I the only one?

Should the world end with a bang?

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2 thoughts on “Fade to Black?

  1. Wow, that’s a complicated question. I’ve read a number of books that ended both ways. In a few, select, occasions I enjoy a quick ending, but most of the time I prefer a more drawn out ending.
    However I’ve read a few books that take too long to wrap things up, I read one series that half of the last book was used to say goodbye to the characters. I loved the series, but that was a bit too much.
    So I’d agree with you that it’s best to wrap everything up as it fades to black, just as long as it’s not too long of a fade.

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