Content Edits

A great day has come. My wonderful publisher at Fiery Seas Publishing has assigned me an editor, and content edits have begun!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with content edits, it’s the part of the publication process where you realize that writing a book is more like trying to haul your butt out of the Grand Canyon at noon than walking through the shady woods of inspiration.

It’s when your editor, who is helping you polish your story into a gem, points out that that wonderful scene that gives depth and meaning to the world you’ve created is from the wrong point of view and needs to be cut. Or tells you that your leading lady isn’t loveable, or finds an extra couch in the middle of the room. And you read all the notes. You cry. Maybe binge eat and cry. Maybe drink wine, binge eat, and cry. Hate yourself and everything you’ve ever written for a while. Then you get out of bed, actually brush your teeth, accept that 99.5% of what your editor wanted to change is for the best, get the work done, and turn the manuscript back in, hoping the next round of edits will be easier.

This is my fifth time in content edits (between three books in The Tethering series and Nuttycracker Sweet), and you know what I’ve realized? I’ve learned. Edits this time have been a breeze.

Not to say there weren’t fixes to be made, an accidental lung-stabbing to be found, a few continuity fixes, but I’ve learned. I’ve learned what editors are going to tell me to cut. What they won’t allow me to push through. And through it all, I think I’ve learned to write a better story.

This whole author thing has its ups and downs. It can be bitterly disappointing and feel like you’re treading water in a mud puddle with ten-pound weights around your ankles. But then you get back a good set of edits and you realize, even if it’s still hard, you’re getting a little better and a little stronger. And then you can sit down to write another day with a smile on your face.

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2 thoughts on “Content Edits

  1. Good luck, hopefully you won’t have too many changes to make.

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