Just Keep Swimming….

I’ve written books… a bunch of books. One that I’m starting to revise now, one that has some assembly required. The third book in The Tethering series should be out this year, and the first book in my new series Girl of Glass is getting ready for big things later this year.

But I keep writing.

I have three, yes, three projects that I’m submitting right now. That’s not counting the two books I’m editing. That means I have five homeless books right now! Five! That feels like such a ridiculous number!

Thank God I have a wonderful husband and a loving, stable marriage, because the amount of rejection that comes with having three books out for submission is crazy! I pounded a bag of sour gummy worms today just to eat my rejection feelings! And I’m editing the two other now-ready-for-submission books, which is plenty to make one’s head explode!

I don’t want to make it sound like I’m wallowing in a pile of rejection. I am lucky enough to work with two really great publishers, and I have two projects coming out this year. That is pretty darn good if I do say so myself. But still, sending out submissions all the time… it gets old. But I’m still freakin’ writing!

It’s like a disease! A crazy person disease! I’m like a manuscript hoarder! A little voice in my head says, “Hmmm… you work on those edits, baby, and when you’re done, mmmmm have I got a story for you to write!” And yes, the voice does sound that creepy.

And yes, I do have another project that I’ll be starting as soon as I’m caught up on revisions and edits. Because who doesn’t want another thing to spend hours submitting?

I swear it’s a disease.

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3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming….

  1. Sounds like you’ve been very busy. You might have to consider self publishing some of them if they don’t get picked up.

    • I’m too intimidated for self publishing. I’m just going yo keep pressing forward with submissions…cause I’m crazy.

      • I don’t blame you, I’ve read about self publishing and it does sound complicated. Still it’s always an option.

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