Editing the End

I’ve begun the editing process on the fourth and final book in The Tethering series. Yes, I know, book three hasn’t come out yet, but I’ve proofed the eARC. It shouldn’t be too much longer, and it’s always better to be a bit ahead in writing than a bit behind.

I’m proud of the fourth book. It’s the first time I’ve ever written a series finale, and I think it ends not as everyone might wish, but as it should. But I feel an odd sort of disconnect.

Here I am, editing the last first chapter of a Tethering book, and I don’t feel panicked. I don’t feel like I need to savor every line of dialogue because it is a countdown to the last words Jacob Evans will ever speak. Maybe it’s because I know the ending was coming from the very beginning. Maybe it’s because I’m still editing the beginning of the book.

But I’m not disastrously sad to be bringing Jacob to the end of his story. I’m proud. Proud of all that he has withstood. Proud of the man that he has become, and proud of the bravery with which he faces his final battle. Which I know sounds weird cause I, you know, wrote it. But it’s more than that. As insane as it might sound, Jacob is his own person. And it’s time for me to leave him and Emilia in peace, whatever that peace might be when the last chapter ends.

So please forgive the mad woman with the laptop. I’m going to go back to editing the end. I’m sure I’ll cry like a maniac when it’s over, but for now I’m enjoying the end of the ride. Proud as hell of the boy in the window fighting one last time for the girl he loves.

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