A Blurby Day

I’m starting to get over the trauma or sharing my mountain with J.K. Rowling and am moving on with my literary life.

This week’s effort: Blurbs.

You know: those things that you put on the back of the book to encourage people to judge a book by its cover. And it’s super stressful!

I worked on one for the third book in The Tethering Series and one for a new, super secret fantasy project that I’m hoping to begin submitting by the end of the summer. Writing blurbs has gotten much easier. After working with some amazing editors and publishers to create them for my contracted books, and after a lot of trial and error during submissions, I think I’ve figured out some of the basics.

But it’s still so stressful!How many names should you mention? There is a gay bestie who doesn’t really fit in with the primary love story, but you need to include him in order to sub to agents who are interested in LGBTQ inclusion in stories. Do you write him in? Or is that a cheap trick?

It’s like singing sixteen bars as an actor. It’s such a tiny thing to try and represent everything you can about your abilities, but there you have it. An easy-to-read little teaser that is supposed to entice people to want to read your book!

And you know what I have to do once I polish up a blurb that I can send out into the universe? Write a synopsis. So, if you need me, I’ll be the one in the Wicked Witch makeup in the corner typing away with tears in my eyes.

Oh, and I finished the first round of revisions for the fourth and final book in The Tethering Series. My final hurrah with Jacob and Emilia. But I’ll write about that next week when I’ve had time to heal.

Please send, wine, coffee, and tissues.

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3 thoughts on “A Blurby Day

  1. Sounds like you’re up against it. if I send wine, will you drink it all at once? 😉

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