The Inspiration Innovation

Have you ever had a moment and thought, This is where the story begins? Standing on the top of a mountain or on a cliff looking out over the sea. Or maybe just lying in bed warm and comfortable and knowing that, in its own simple way, that was a perfect moment.

Maybe it wasn’t a moment of peace or adventure. Maybe it was the moment when your mind realized that something truly horrible had happened. And it took time and pain, but then you knew that was where your story had to begin.

I think all writers have had those moments. Or at least I can’t think of a way a new story could form without them.

And maybe it wasn’t the amazing view down the side of the mountain coated in the shadows of the heavy clouds. Maybe it was just the crisp air that filled your lungs. And that sensation of breathing new life started a story.

I wish that there were a place in the book jacket, whether in front with the dedication or in back with the bio, where the author could have a brief paragraph of how the story started.

The thwaping of a flag as a storm rolled in. A dare from a friend. The mist hiding something in the field.

I want to know. Where did the story start? What was the spark of inspiration?

Have you had a moment that spawned a story? What was it? Inquiring minds want to know!

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One thought on “The Inspiration Innovation

  1. Yes. For me, it was realising that I needed to give up my job permanently to look after one dying and one disabled parent. Whilst it was a lot of work, and it meant I couldn’t have the freedom I wanted, it also gave me a little bit more spare time than a regular job.

    And so I started my blog, and a bunch of other projects to do in the late hours when things are settled at home and I could work on them. It has opened my eyes, and made me want to succeed for some reason.

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