A Playful Project

I’m trying to work on something new. I’ve written blogs, short stories, books, and lyrics. Even a book with lyrics. Now I’m trying to write a play.

Not like a deep and meaningful play that will change the way everyone sees the world and end all violence by opening night. A fun little kids’ show. About a princess… with a sword.

As an actor, I’ve performed in many, many kids show. And I love them. I really do. I fell in love with theater when I was three, so having the opportunity to introduce young kids to the beauty of live theater is amazing. My husband writes and orchestrates music and even has the ability (and experience) to make performance tracks.

So here we go! We’re going to write a show about a princess with a sword. And maybe a rapping bear. And a few confused henchman for good measure.

Wish me luck, merde, and break a leg. I’m starting on a new adventure!


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4 thoughts on “A Playful Project

  1. Good luck, sounds like it might be very interesting. I hope you let us know how it goes.

  2. How did it go?

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