Harry Potter and the Stage Play

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Even though J.K. Rowling decided to steal my mountain, I still love Harry Potter. I love the theme parks, and yes I do love Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil anything, not only cause spoilers suck, but my husband hasn’t finished reading the play and I’d like to stay married.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the script. I think a huge amount of it has to do with people not being used to reading plays. I do shows for a living, so that’s really not an issue for me. And I agree, I miss the descriptions that are in the book, but it’s a play. It’s up to the people on stage and the people who create what’s on stage to make the details for us, so of course you’re not going to get that in a script. It’s just not how it’s done.

And yes, the rhythm of the speech patterns for the characters is different, but Rowling didn’t write the script, only the story, so there’s bound to be a bit of a difference. And even if for some reason you don’t like the way the story of Harry Potter has been expanded, can we at least take a moment to appreciate that the Harry Potter series now has books, movies, theme parks, tours, and a stage show! That is amazing!

One of my bucket list goals as a writer is to have a play on Broadway that is based off my work. It started when I saw Peter and the Starcatcher, which is a brilliant piece of theatre BTW. It was amazing! A thing an author created translated into a story on stage eight times a week. A perfect combination of the two artistic worlds I live in.

And Harry Potter has managed it. To do the incredible and sell out more than a year of the London run, to allow people to sit in a darkened theatre and see one of their favorite worlds played out live on stage. And regardless of what you think of the script, isn’t that the sort of magic that Harry Potter deserves?

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One thought on “Harry Potter and the Stage Play

  1. Sarah Ann

    I love the way you put it! because its true, you get to see a world you love in a new format, which also is loved, that is the beauty of stage shows. Why would something like Beauty and the Beast or Mary Poppins exist on stage, they could just as easily pull down a massive screen and project the movie onto the stage in the same space, but they don’t, because theater is a different way to experience something you love.

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