Begin Begin!

In less than three months Girl of Glass will be released!! Ahhh!!

I know three months probably sounds like a whole lot of time, and really it is. I’ll have opened and closed a show and opened another before it’s time for the book release. My little baby nephew might have learned words by then. But still it’s a-coming, and preparations have begun!

At this point, it’s really just working on blog posts for the eventual blog tour.

(For the blogger peeps reading: the signup for the blog tour hasn’t gone up yet, and I will definitely share it on here and on my Facebook page when the time comes.)

The trouble with a blog tour is that you’re writing a whole bunch of posts about the same book. Ten, fifteen, twenty posts trying to find something new and interesting to say about the book that you’ve been living in for a very long time.

Luckily, there are some really interesting talking points that can go along with Girl of Glass. What are the moral obligations of those privileged with safety when those around them are suffering? What’s more important: the human race or preserving what it means to be human? Why am I so obsessed with greenhouses?

See, lots of interesting things!

There are also character interviews to be done, blogs to be written from different points of view, and the ever popular book release limerick.

Since I don’t have a list of what bloggers want yet, I just have to write the posts and hope it fits with someone’s posting needs! And what can’t be sent out to book bloggers, well, I have a place I can post them. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

So wish me luck in finding many different and fabulously interesting angles to from which to peruse Girl of Glass! And in turning in pre-edits for The Tale of Bryant Adams! God speed, and gird your loins!

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