Stupendous News!

Drum roll please!!!! I officially have a literary agent!! Huzzah! I am now represented by the fabulous Lane Heymont of Tobias Literary Agency!

I am so thrilled!

Not going to lie, it was a long road. Like worse than Dorothy trying to get to Oz long. Worse than a Rick Grimes trying to get to Atlanta with a pack of walkers chasing him kind of long road. But I made it! And there will be more excitement to come. I’ve had wonderful opportunities so far with The Tethering Series, Girl of Glass, and Nuttycracker Sweet. I’ve signed a great contract for The Tale of Bryant Adams to be released next year. Things were going well. Lots of fingers in different pies, lots of opportunities being seized. There’s just something in having an agent say, “I believe in your career (because the new expectation is that I will, in fact, have one), and I want to invest my time and expertise in you.”

The best part is I had this idea in my head that I wanted an agent by my last birthday. I knew it was a long shot since some authors try to find an agent for years and years upon soul crushing years, but it was a dream. The day before my birthday I got the contract offer for The Tale if Bryant Adams. No literary agent offer, but it was something to keep me from crying on my birthday cake.

Here’s the kicker. I sent my query to Lane five days before my birthday, which means that even though I didn’t make the technical birthday cut off, the ball had already started rolling. It was just a much larger hill than I had anticipated.

I’m not going to post the stats (a lady doesn’t query and tell), but it took a lot. And sometimes there were tears, a poop load of disappointment, and a few threats to quit writing forever. But I made it. All is as it should be.

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One thought on “Stupendous News!

  1. That’s so exciting!! Congratulations!! Getting an agent would be my dream, I’m going to start querying next month I think.

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