Post Release

The Girl of Glass release blitz is over. All the blog dates have been fulfilled, and all the contests have been won.

I am now an author without an imminent release. I would love to say that I just get to sit back and write all the things, but that’s not true. I have two manuscripts to polish and get sent in to the appropriate parties. I have blogs to write and social media to manage.

But the most trying thing is chasing down reviews.

It’s crazy. First you try and get people to buy the book. Then you have to be all like, “Thanks for doing the first thing I wanted you to do. Now that you’ve done that, want to write nice things about my book baby?”

It’s terrible. It feels greasy. But reviews are a necessary tool. A lot of bigger houses are a part of this service where review sites get an eBook of your novel available to them months in advance so you can have lots of shiny reviews available as soon as the book launches. But that service is prohibitively expensive for a lot of small presses.

So my current mission is to scrounge the reviews myself. To track down book bloggers and see if they want to review. To mention to everyone who posts something nice on my author page that book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are super helpful.

And through all of this, I will hope like I don’t sound like a skeeze.

Also, if you’ve read Girl of Glass and are willing to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, I would be eternally grateful. If you’re a book blogger, drop a line on the comments or on Twitter, and I’d love to chat!

Now, back to work!!

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