The Bloody Sequel

Sorry for the quietude. I’ve been working very hard on the sequel for Girl of Glass! Boy of Blood has finally been sent over to my fabulous agent and will soon find its way over to my awesome publisher!

This was a really interesting project to continue. I have a personal rule that I won’t start writing a sequel until the previous book is out of content edits. For the non-writerly readers, content edits are when they tell you that you pushed the plot too fast, find inconsistencies in your world, or tell you that there is, in fact, no romantic tension in your romance. Stories change, details change, that brilliant little Easter egg you planted for later use has disappeared. So while it is super tempting to just jump right into writing the next book in the series as soon as book one is ready to go out into the world, it’s too risky. Consistency is key, and you can’t allow the tiny threads of your story unravel.

That being said, I did manage to leave my tiny details in Girl of Glass. Little things that I’m fairly certain no reader will ever notice but to me mean the difference between life or death for very important characters. There are new people entering Nola’s lives and even the domes. Bum, bum, bum!

See how dramatic that was?

I can’t wait for this story to move on to the next phase of its life. And don’t worry, I’ll keep you up to date on the progress, though I promise not to tell you who the casualties of Boy of Blood will be!

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