Another Blasted Blurb

There once was a thing called a blurb,
To write one was really absurd,
But she tried and she tried till she cried and she cried,
For all she could write was a turd.

So, anyone want to write the blurb I’m supposed to be sending my agent?

It’s for a dark YA fantasy. I mean dark literally and figuratively. It’s got three POVs, including one LGBTQ. It’s got magic but no wizards, its own religion, and some serious rules on marriage.

The hardest part is narrowing down what needs to be in the blurb. The LGBTQ angle could be great for selling the story, but it’s not really a thing until later in the book, and never once is the word “gay” mentioned. (Yes, the non-use of the word “gay” is very much intentional. I want to avoid any preconceived notions that go with the terminology with which we are all so familiar.)

But being like “and P.S. this one isn’t straight” doesn’t really meld well with the blurb. And being like “hey, there is no Sun” makes it seem like you can’t see. And saying “they’ve all got to get married, like it or not” makes it seem like more of a romance-based book than it is.

So I’m going to curl up and cry in the corner since my tears might make a better blurb than I am currently capable of doing.

On the word count accountability front, I’ve made it to 44,260 in my WIP, so woot woot!

And I’m going to be a part of a Facebook party with tons of giveaways this week!

Follow this link to attend the event and meet lots of super fun authors!

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3 thoughts on “Another Blasted Blurb

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Facebook event, I’ll check it out.
    I’ll give writing your blurb a try, you’ll have to changed the names and other things that aren’t right. How’s this:

    On without a star to call its own, magic is the only source of light. As there are so few humans around, the Law demands every person gets married when they come of age. This is the story of three such persons, wittty Lily, honest Sam, and Gary, who isn’t attracted to women. Can they succeed in obeying their hearts and the Law, all while saving their dark world from the forces of Lord Garrot, who is darker than the deepest shadow?

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