My Husband the Winner

I know I’ve said it before, but I have the best husband in the world, and here is last week’s example.

A few years ago we visited Florence, Italy. It was amazing. All right, there was a brief moment when I was super tempted to shove my husband in front of a bus, but other than a really rough hour, Florence was great!

As a useful memento, I bought a little notebook. I’ve used it ever since to plot book ideas on the go. To jot lyrics in when we’re working on music for shows. I love my little notebook. Now the pages are almost full, and we’re on our way to Ireland soon, where I’m sure I’m going to need to take more notes.

No problem, right? I measure the insert and head to Amazon, totally confident in my ability to find a replacement. Nope.

Stationary stores online… nope.

No one actually makes an insert for this size notebook.

I was crushed. I mean, I could just buy a new notebook, but my blue Florence notebook is magical.


Cue epic husband win.

He goes out finds a moleskin notebook of about the right size, razors the pages out of that binding, and cuts all the pages down to make it fit into my magical blue notebook.


What a guy!

Now I have my notebook and am ready for my next adventure!

Husband for the win!!


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