A Bungled Branding

I’m trying to step up my author game. I have so many exciting projects in the works! I have two books coming out in the next year, and I have an amazing agent who has even more projects from me on his desk.

I love writing. I’ve even gotten to the point where I like editing. The thing I’m not great at is marketing.

I just want to write. Build funny characters or dark worlds. Write a love story or about someone whose parents actually have a functional relationship. But I’m doing myself and my characters a disservice by not finding new ways to tell the world about their stories.

I’m starting with mini-steps (which are slightly bigger than baby steps, but nowhere near great strides), and I’ve bought a book on marketing. I have no idea what most of it is saying. I was sort of expecting more of a to-do list where I could check things off to increase my self-esteem. Basically at this point I’m going to have to read the whole book to see what the point is the author is trying to make, then go back through from the beginning and make my own to-do list.

The one thing I’ve really gleaned so far is that I have to brand myself as an author. Like come up with key words and a public persona to always show the world.


A signature look? Sweats or a sundress until I get to the theatre for a show (because I make my living acting) and then fake eyelashes and whatever the costumer gives me the rest of my life? Should I go to the mall and start buying clothes to look more authorish? Do I have to wear fancy pants all the time now?

And a brand that says who I am? Snarky with a side of coffee addict? Half bitter sixty-year-old chorus girl, half five-year-old Disney obsessed freak?

I didn’t think marketing would make me consider who I am as a person. And I haven’t even gotten to the phrase that describes my author brand. Like, if I was super cool and wrote romance: chic, sexy, international adventure.

But I don’t write chic, sexy, international adventure.

I write YA. Girl of Glass is dark and has poignant meaning to our current global path. Bryant Adams… is funny magic with a dash of danger. But I write both, and neither brand sounds as good as chic, sexy, international romance.

Any idea? Anyone want to make my brand tag?

I’m so screwed.

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One thought on “A Bungled Branding

  1. I’ve been looking at the whole marketing thing for a few years now. Luckily for me I haven’t gotten anything quite ready to publish yet.
    From what little I know, you need to have a blog, have an active twitter, a Facebook group is a new thing a lot of authors have now too. G+, Tumblr and instagram are all good options too, depending on what you are comfortable doing.
    I think there are as many tips as there are authors, nothing is going to work for everyone, so you need to find a comfort zone.
    Your blog is a good start, next I’d suggest getting a newsletter going. Have you investigated instafreebie? That’s a site where you can give away your books or stories to get people hooked, im not too familiar with how you put something on it, but I know you can set it so whoever downloads your work is automatically added to your newsletter.
    I hope this helps a bit.

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